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Our laboratories formulate the elastomeric mixes, most suitable for the various requirements, using high quality raw materials able to guarantee excellent performance over time, maintaining the physical-mechanical characteristics unaltered over time, as well as resistance to various chemical products.

The internal mechanisms workshop, guided by the Technical Department with the use of automatic CNC machines, is able to create the metallic parts, suitable for all uses, at the client’s specification.

The vulcanizing and rectification operations make use of a notable know-how and of technologically advanced machinery, such as to permit us to achieve elevated quality standards which are constant over time.

Internally, we carry out all the necessary phases for the production of rollers, starting with the design and realization of the same. We offer warehousing services and re-treading of used rollers. The establishing of all production processes allows us to offer a rapid service, with great flexibility and elevated controls on the product.