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Flexible tubes made of PVC and technical fabrics for powders, shavings, cold and hot air ventilation and aspiration.
Completely customizable with logos, trade names, packs and sizing.

Pressed items

15 printing press for compression print, Transfert and injection with EPDM – NBR – CR – FKM – NR – CSM – SBR – ACM – VMQ compounds.
Up to maximum size of 1100 x 1100.


Rubber rollers production and regeneration produced from customer’s drawing.
Iron or Steel tang, core realized iron, steel, alluminium tubes or rod.
EPDM – NBR – CR – FKM – NR – CSM – SBR – ACM – VMQ rubberizing from 25° to 80° Sh.A


About 2000 mould available for customers, with the possibility to realize new ones, thanks to our Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) plant, with convenient times and costs.
We extrude EPDM – NBR – CR – FKM – NR – CSM – SBR – ACM


It is a manifacturing company which contains two productions, Flexible pipes and Rubber wrought, the second one is divided in 3 different product macro-categories: Pressed items, Printed and Rubber Rollers.

The “Made in Italy” quality, fast response times, extremely narrow delivery times and product customizations even with small lots are the strongest points that have allow the company to establish itself on the market against much bigger entities.