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Pressed items

Our production process makes use of compression – transfer presses. The variety of our machines allows us to produce a large range of products with dimensions which vary from a few millimetres up to a metre in diameter, produced at a single pressing. For larger articles, we carry out pressing of partial sections which are then joined cold or hot.

With the wide range of elastomer choice, we are able to use blends with the different elastomer bases, which allow for a wide range of satisfaction of physical-mechanical characteristics. Our laboratory, in concert with the certified Quality Management System, allows us to carry out careful trials and, where necessary, the related certification of the production lots.

The variety of the production range includes, in addition to articles in rubber, those with rubber/metal connectors (e.g.: wheels, rollers, vibration dampers, etc.) and those composites in rubber/plastic materials such as PTFE. Lastly, we are able to prepare any type of pressing and production equipment, taking on the design, production and experimenting of the same.